About Us


What is the Quality of your Product?

Our products strictly follow the quality norms of  ISO-9001 and build relationship only on quality grounds.

Which is the brand do you use in Motor for Air-curtain?

We use only ‘ISI’ marked motors for better performance, we also provide branded motors on demand like GE, Crompton Greaves etc.

What material do you use for Air-curtain?

We always use 20-22 gauge sheets for longer durability.

What is about the blowers of Air-curtain?

Our blowers are dynamically balanced and manufactured from Aluminum for more durability.

How much electricity is required for running an Air-curtain?

Generally an Air-curtain consumes 3-3.5 units in approximate 8 hours (basic model).

How much velocity we get from Air -curtain?

Our Air-curtain provides minimum velocity of 14mps and it goes up to 30mps.

How much noise does an Air-curtain make?

Our product creates 52-72 db (decibel).

Do I require special electrical connection for Air-curtain?

No, we provide Air-curtain both for single and three phases.

Do you provide flame proof motor in Air-curtain?

Yes, on special requirement we do provide flame proof motor as well.

What if I have specified size of door?

Don’t worry, we provide / manufacture products as per the size given by you.

What is the warrantee of your product?

We provide one year warrantee to our products.

How many and what type of customers you have served so far?

We have number of satisfied customers. You can see some of them here.