Laundry Products

Laundry Products eliminates mosquitoes, flies and other small insect from places of importance. The flying insects are drawn towards the lure tubes of the unit and die instantaneously on the electrically charged grid. The dead insects get collected in the catchment tray at the bottom for easy disposal.

Washing Machine Special Features:
  • The machine Operates smoothly, Silenty on extra heavy duty ball bearings.
  • Machine compact in size which can be easily installed on any floor.
  • This machine comes in attractive colors which remaining good looking for years.
  • Careful design features makes a very comfortable.
  • The door opening are large and placed at a convenient height to simplify loading & unloading.
  • It has been carefully engineered to give you maximum cost savings.
  • Available in size: 12Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg.

Washing Machine

Hydro Extractor Special Features:
  • Extra heavy duty motor coupled with centrifugal clutch.
  • To minimize vibration machine is mounted on three point suspension.
  • This machine has stainless steel outer and inner body to avoided corrosion.
  • Machine is ideal for dyeing mills, knitwear and other commercial establishments.
  • Available size: 12Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg etc.

Hydro Extractor

Drying Tumbler Special Features:
  • Most Suitable for Institutions, Nursing homes, Hospitals etc.
  • Stainless steel inner basket.
  • Large sized door to facilitate for quick loading & unloading.
  • Simple drive arrangement ensures trouble free service.
  • The design of machine is sleek & attractive.
  • Door safely Switch is provided to prevent accident.
  • The control panel mounted on the machine easily maintained.
  • Automatic Reversing system ensures faster drying.
  • Available in steam or electric heated models.
  • capacities available: 7Kg, 12Kg, 50Kg, 70Kg.

Drying Tumbler