PVC Strip Curtain

Sharp Industrial Insulating doors are made of clean transparent PVC Strips for uninterrupted passage in factories, shop floors etc.

PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Roll



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They are ideal for:
  • Automobile Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Food/ Meat processing unit
  • Cold storage, ice-cream units
  • Hotels
  • Textile Mills
  • Pharmaceuticals

Features & Advantages:
  • Energy conservation
  • Improve working environment
  • Increased efficiency on the shop floor
  • Rounded edges to avoid injury to pedestrians
  • Unlimited access by vehicles and pedestrians
  • Prevent birds, flies etc to enter in the working premises
  • Maintenance free occasional wash required with plain water
  • Effective reduction of heat, cold & humidity-loss, noise and dust transmission

Product Composition

Sharp Insulting Doors comprise of a unique UV resistant grade of clean soft PVC in strip form and Powder Coated CRCA/ Stainless Steel Hardware.

It is also made of high quality, low toxic, cadimum free PVC. The recommended operating temperature is -50C to + 60C.

Product Range
Normal Grade
200 X 2 mm: For doors under 2 mtrs height
200 X 3 mm: For 2/3 mtrs high doors
400 X 5 mm: For doors over 3 mtrs high
200 X 5 mm: For high air-pressure areas
Temperature loss

Super Cold Storage Grade
200 X 3 mm: can with stand upto 35C for ice-cream freezers & hotels cold rooms

Welding Grad
300 X 3 mm: To cover welding areas

Buffer Strips
300 X 2 mm: For high abrasion