Air Curtain Stainless Steel-304 (MODEL SAC-028)

Sharp Air Curtain Stainless Steel-304.

Model SAC-028


  • Available Size: 3feet, 3.5feet, 4feet, 4.5feet, 5feet, 5.5feet, 6feet, 6.5feet, 7feet, 7.5feet, 8feet.
  • Weight: 25-80 Kg.
  • Customise Size Avilable.
  • MOC/Finish: Stainless Steel-304
  • MOC Blowers; Aluminium.
  • Blower Size: 6X6
  • Motor: 2800RPM
  • Phase: Single
  • Motor Make: Sharp
  • Electric Supply: 215/415V, 50HZ.
  • Warranty: 1 Year.


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