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Sharp is established in 2002 as an Engineering Marketing Company to provide professional marketing support to quality machine tools and engineering products. We are extending our services to our vast clients throughout India for the identification and selection of suitable machine tools & accessories.


Sharp Air Curtain

Air Curtain is a modern device which, when installed on a door, forms an invisible curtain of continuous air and thus prevents escape of conditioned air as well as entry of outside hot, humid and polluted air. It thus not only cuts down your electricity bill, but also helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene up to the required standard.

Sharp Air Curtains are available in various models ( both horizontal & vertical) and in five different velocities. They are suited for door openings starting from 2.5 Ft. Wide and in velocities ranging from 13 mtr/sec to 27 mtr/sec. These velocities are divided into five different model for the convenience of our privileged customers.


Sharp Air Curtain